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Subsidized Guardianship

Some states have programs that provide a monthly subsidy payment to grandparents and other relatives who obtain guardianship of the children they are raising. Subsidized guardianships are designed for those children who have been in state custody, with a relative or non-relative providing the care, for at least six months and in some states up to two years. The subsidy is sometimes less than the foster care payment in that state but usually more than the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) child-only grants. Continued eligibility for the subsidy is typically re-determined annually. The subsidy payments usually end when the guardianship terminates or when the child turns 18, although several states continue the subsidy until the child reaches age 21 or 22 provided he or she is attending school. States have some similar programs that do not require the child to be in state custody.

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